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[Note: Lodge meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of even numbered months (April 11, June 13, etc.), exception December]


Saint Aloysius Lodge #52 was formed over one hundred years ago in Indianapolis and is one of seventy lodges of the American Slovenian Catholic Union (K.S.K.J.). The K.S.K.J. was established in Joliet, IL in 1894 and currently has over 25,000 members throughout the United States. The K.S.K.J. is a Catholic fraternal life insurance society which offers life insurance products and fraternal activities as well as events for the benefit of the membership and friends. Please visit the National K.S.K.J. website while you are browsing. The officers of St. Aloysius Lodge in Indianapolis are listed in the table below. You may email any of our officers by clicking on their names.




Vice President


Recording Secretary


Athletic Director

Youth Director


Lodge Membership Committee

Angie Cuson

Jennifer Velikan

Mike Piechocki

Marcia Bracik

Rick Brodnik

Ed Cottongim

Jaymie McDougal

Betsy Walker

Tori McDougal